Overwatch 2 Unleashes a Hidden Powerhouse: Symmetra’s Secret Buff

An undisclosed Overwatch 2 patch note contains a surprising change that brings about a Symmetra's Secret Buff.

Marvel 3 Min Read

Acer unveils the new Swift Edge 16 laptop

Equipped with AMD Ryzen 7040 processors and Wi-Fi 7 technology. Acer announced today the Swift Edge 16 (SFE16-43) laptop, designed for dynamic professionals seeking high performance, portability, and enhanced productivity. The lightweight laptop delivers exceptional performance and superior display experiences

Akira 5 Min Read

Need for Speed Unbound Vol 5: New Cars and Bug Fixes

Need for Speed Unbound: Vol 5 update with two new cars and game-changing bug fixes. Get all the details on Lakeshore City's latest additions.

Akira 3 Min Read

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